WATCH: 15 Super Bowl XLIX commercials you may have missed

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TORONTO —; Canadians tuned in to Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday to watch the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks and, possibly, to catch the halftime performance by Katy Perry featuring Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott.


What most Canadians didn’t see during the game, though, are some of the year’s most buzzed-about commercials.

This year’s collection consisted of ads for cars, food, lingerie and beer  —; in other words, the things football fans desire.

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A 30-second commercial during the biggest television event of the year costs as much as $4.5 million in the U.S., so the message has to be memorable.

Universal Pictures lucked out with timing. Its commercial for the summer release Ted 2 features Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as a potential sperm donor —; just days after Brady talked about his balls in the midst of “deflate-gate.”

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Last Tuesday, GoDaddy said it was pulling its commercial featuring a golden retriever puppy after complaints from animal rescue advocates.

“What should have been a fun and funny ad clearly missed the mark and we will not air it,” tweeted CEO Blake Irving.

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A spot for BMW starts with an actual clip of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel trying to wrap their heads around the Internet in 1994 on Today. Cut to the pair inside an all-electric BMW i3.

“Big ideas take a little getting used to,” reads the tagline.

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Toyota used the voice of Muhammad Ali and the athleticism of U.S. Paralympic medalist Amy Purdy to pitch its Camry.

And Mercedes Benz hired former NFL star Jerry Rice and Stephanie Branton, Playboy‘s Miss September 2014, for its commercial inspired by Aesop’s The Tortoise and the Hare.

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Showing more skin than Miss September, though, is model Charlotte McKinney, who appeared to stroll naked through a farmer’s market to promote a new “all-natural” burger at U.S. fast food chain Carl’s Jr.

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No stranger to gratuitous nudity is Kim Kardashian West, who pokes fun at her passion for selfies in an ad for T-Mobile and its data storage service.

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The Super Bowl commercial for Victoria’s Secret, set to the 1935 song “I’m in the Mood for Love,” simply shows scantily-clad models before encouraging viewers to “Let the real games begin.”

Pizza Hut, which sold a lot of pizzas in the U.S. and Canada on Super Bowl Sunday, has two different commercials featuring former Jets coach Rex Ryan and Cowboys star Tony Romo.

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Canada got a quick shout-out in the commercial for website builder Wix as ex-NFL quarterback Brett Favre asks his agent (Rex Lee of Entourage fame) about opportunities to play. Also in the spot are former football stars Terrell Owens, Franco Harris, Larry Allen and Emmitt Smith.

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Mars Inc. has snapped up commercial time to promote its Snickers and Skittles brands. Actor Danny Trejo appears in a Brady Bunch-themed commercial for Snickers while a town full of people with big arms appear in the Skittles spot.

Dove Men + Care hoped to appeal to all the fathers watching the game with its heart-warming ad. “What makes a man stronger?,” it asks. “Showing that he cares.”

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Coca-Cola cashed in on Sunday, too. Its commerical —; with the tagline “The World is What We Make It – Make it Happy” —; urged a little more kindness in the world.

The haunting song in the spot comes from Florida band Hundred Waters.

Of course, what’s a football game without beer? A Bud Light spot shows an allegedly unsuspecting beer drinker being thrust into a real-life game of Pac Man. (Forget the beer, where can we get one of those Pac Man games?)

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Budweiser tugged at the heartstrings with its “Lost Dog” commercial.

In Canada, Budweiser ran a 60-second commercial during the Super Bowl that shows 10 workers at the Soucy Baron puck factory in Saint-Jérôme, Que. who were flown to New York on a private jet to see the Islanders vs. Canadiens.

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Stars like Liam Neeson and Bryan Cranston (as Walter White) also showed up in a pair of Super Bowl ads.

Here are some of the other commercials that ran on the U.S. broadcast of Sunday’s biggest game.

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